A downloadable trash heap for Windows and macOS

I've been using RPG Maker for years now. From XP, to VX, to VX Ace, to MV, I've used and mastered them all, making some almost passable games along the way. Nothing special, after all, since I was using RPG Maker. But this, though...

This is the worst game I have ever created, hands-down. I was tired, half-delirious, and that's saying something considering my usual condition. Not to mention it took me all of 30 minutes to make.

 Never before have I wished death upon my own creations as much as I have this very day. But Bundo and his little friends should all die in a burning bonfire. Yes, I understand that's redundant, but it's best to be safe when trying to kill something so horrible it cannot even be described by human words.

I give you: Pretentious RPG, or VIDEO GAME, for short. I promise you, there is no greater pain than having to play this all the way through.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP. Unzip. Click executable. Cry.


Pretentious RPG (Windows Build).zip 97 MB
Pretentious RPG (Mac Build).zip 98 MB

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